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Elite Username Scraper

Our Username Scraper makes your work ease, because it will scrape and provide you all the usernames for the hashtags you provided.
Scrape Related Usernames

This will simply Scrape All The Related Usernames Of Interested Audience For Your Hashtags

One Click Management

This is done with just one click. You will get all your targeted audience saved in reports.

Fully Automated

This Username Scraper is a fully automated one for particular hashtags which saves your time.

Scrape Niche Related Usernames

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Whats Best With Hashtag Scraper?

When it comes to instagram, hashtags plays a major role. So finding the right hashtag is very important to reach target audience.
Identify Hot Hashtags

Hashtags Are Very Important For Instagram. Identify Hot Hashtags For Your Niche using our Hashtag Scraper.

Detailed Report

The report consists of all details required apart from hashtags like the number of posts and what hashtags you should focus on.

No Waste Of Time

With our Hashtag Scraper you don’t need to Waste Your Time By Focusing On Low Quality Hashtags.

All In One DM Promoter

Sending DM’s to the targeted audience is a challenging task and will consume lot of time. With our DM Promoter it is going to be very simple.
No Manual Work

All the DM’s will be sent directly with the help of software and there is no manual work included.

Controls Sending Rate

DM Promoter consists of special features, where you can control the DM sending rates.

Spintax Messages

Our Sender allows you to send messages with the help of Spintax Format. This will help you to reduce account ban rate.

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Ingram Bot Features

Bring In Conversions With The New Trending Insta Bot!

Multiple Accounts

With Our Bot You Can Use Multiple Accounts To Login. This feature will reduce your account ban rates and thus helps you contact multiple people.

Time Variation

There is something more special about our bot, you have the authority to control time interval between each DM.

Supports Proxy

We have an inbuilt option that is, you can pair your accounts with proxies and you can easily login to your account with the specified proxy.

Exclusive Video Course

Our bot comes with exclusive video tutorials to make it easy to understand the working of the software modules.

Guaranteed Leads / Sales

If optimized properly our bot will give you guaranteed Leads, since all audience are going to be target specific you can easily change them to a lead.

24/7 Support

We provide you 24/7 support for the product. If you are facing any issues with the software you can contact us anytime.


Choose The Package Which Suits You


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  • 10 Usernames Scraper (Limited)
  • 5 DM Sender (Limited)
  • Video Tutorials (Basic)
  • Premium Full Version
  • Premium Step By Step Course
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1 Month

Premium Version
  • Unlimited Hashtags Scraper
  • Unlimited Usernames Scraper
  • Unlimited DM Sender
  • Full Video Tutorial
  • Premium Support
  • Premium Step By Step Course
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6 Months

Save $47
  • Unlimited Hashtags Scraper
  • Unlimited Usernames Scraper
  • Unlimited DM Sender
  • Full Video Tutorial
  • Premium Support
  • Premium Step By Step Course
$235 For 6 Months

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